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  1. How do I start referring prospective students?
Once your account is set up, you can select from over 70 pre-made banners! Simply add the banner to your website, and as prospective students click the banner, your account is automatically activated.
  1. How do I know I will be paid for my referral?
Our Affiliate Program is powered by our internally developed tracking software. We use a combination of cookies and an IP address to track referrals for the best possible reliability.
  1. How do I get paid?
Affiliates are paid via check which is mailed out no later than the 15th of every month.
  1. How long will you track my referral?
We will track any students you send to for 90 days.
  1. How do I check the number of students that I have sent to
When your account is created, you are sent login information to our affiliate portal. Simply login and select the "Usage Reports" tab. You will be able to review real-time data on the number of registrations and completions. You will even be able to review your expected commissions!
  1. Can I offer courses for states other than my own?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! As the largest online traffic school in the industry, we hold approvals in more states than any other provider. This grants you the ability to offer courses for any state that is offered under our affiliate program; regardless of your resident state.
  1. How flexible is your commission structure?
While all affiliates begin at the same level, under certain circumstances you may be able to re-negotiate your commission amount! Your affiliate manager will guide you through the process. Please speak with an affiliate manager today for more information.
  1. I don’t have a website. Can I still participate?
A valid website is required in order to participate in our affiliate program.
  1. Once enrolled, am I on my own?
Absolutely not! We encourage collaboration. Our philosophy is that if you are successful, we all win! Once you have enrolled in our program, you will have a single point of contact which is your full-time affiliate manager. Your affiliate manager is there as a strategic partner to assist you in doing what it takes to be successful.
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